SMAC Moving Coil Actuators Introduces Tech Niches

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Carlsbad, CA, July 12, 2016 – SMAC Moving Coil Actuators introduced details for their highly anticipated tech niches in a tour of live demonstrations in New York City, Munich, Germany and Tokyo, Japan. SMAC’s expanding group of patented and patent-pending Tech Niche applications give SMAC distributors a very powerful tool for expanding sales of SMAC products.

SMAC, claims to be taking advantage of its wide technical edge over old tech competitors such as pneumatic or electric ball screw and moving magnet actuators, and has carved out an expanding number of applications to overcome known problems in a variety of industries..

SMAC’s industry tech niches include:

• Packaging Industry

o Eject/Divert/Laning

o Leak Test

o Filling and Dispensing

o Sealing

o Capping

• Electronics Industry

o Electronics Test

o Pick and Place

o Touch Screen/Button Testing

• Automotive Industry

o Switch Test

o Thread Check

o Measuring/Gauging

o Tensioning

The company claims that SMAC’s built in sensor feedback system gives SMAC’s Moving Coil Actuators the unique mechatronic ability to “do work and verify its success at the same time.” This would allow the actuators to quality check key processes 100% in real time and feedback the results.

SMAC Moving Coil Actuators claim to be true “mechatronic solutions.” By that they mean their actuators have unique capabilities such as programmable and controllable position, velocity, and force, accelerations up to and over 100G, cycle life well over 100M, and a patent-pending “Soft-Land” capability. The Soft-Land capability is very useful when performing fragile part assembly, measurement, moving objects, etc.

SMAC’s low friction guide system makes their actuators extremely repeatable from move to move - within 1 msec. SMAC’s product development group originated such models as the Linear/Rotary actuator, the 2 independent axis Gripper, the world’s first direct drive Robotic Finger, and advanced magnetic circuit designs that have more than doubled forces in the same sized mechanical packages.

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SMAC Moving Coil Actuators Introduces Tech Niches

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