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MBA801 Halfpipe

Frank Wengler MBA Instruments GmbH
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MBA Instruments guarantees the reliable use of the proven MBA800 rotary vane series in even more bulk materials with this new type of extension. The decisive function for the angle arm extension is the change of direction of rotation, which also provides increased measurement reliability. The shaft of the devices no longer rotates 360°, but changes the direction of rotation as soon as the blade hits an obstacle. This swivel mode allows the MBA800 series to be supplemented by the angle bracket.

MBA Instruments responds to the increasing demand for the individual application of measuring instruments in a wide variety of bulk materials with this well thought-out device combination. The use of the angle bracket with the MBA800 offers the advantage that the fixing of bulk material on the wing is counteracted. The roof of the MBA angle bracket protects the shaft and blades from falling bulk material. Due to its stable shape, the device can also withstand heavy bulk materials - it can even be used directly in the bulk flow. In addition, it is ideally suited for horizontal, vertical installation in silos, as the rotary blade in the angle bracket points downwards by 90°. The bulk material only reaches the vane when a cone of debris builds up from below and the MBA800 gives a reliable signal.

MBA801 Halfpipe