SOUTH X6|Dual- frequency Handheld R eceiver |GIS Receiver

South Surveying & Mapping Instrument Co., Ltd


* HD large 5inch touch screen which fulfill the Android users needs * Double OS options: WEH or Android * Android version supports multiple languages switch * Quad-Core 1.3GHz processor * Micro-USB port and OTG function * Being equipped with laser centering component * Multiple sensors and more extended functions


GIStar (for Android) Completely new professional Android integrate GIS application, which adopts GIS technology to collect and manage geographic data. GIStar takes advantage of the Android touch screen capability by allowing you to tap the points and lines in your drawing to open tool bars with all the function you need instantly. It also supports various data format import and export, such as shp file, dxf file, kml file and gpx file, which fully meets the demands of different of users. GIStar (for Windows Mobile) Most widely used professional and user-friendly onboard software, GIStar, is an ideal solution for GIS data collection, yet very easy to use and convenient for data communication. Equipped with sharply enhanced software GIStar, the device can meet diverse needs of surveyors, contractors, engineers and mapping professionals. Data dictionary editor (Windows Mobile and Android) Besides data acquisition or stake-out in traditional survey, this smart unit allows the users to add or edit entity and property in the Data Dictionary option, which enables it a real GIS handheld with full capacities.

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