SOUTH SkyWalker X61

South Surveying & Mapping Instrument Co., Ltd

Do More With Less

X61 is a hexacopter, which is manufactured by SOUTH based on independent research and development. SkyWalker X61 is designed to drastically minimize the time and costs for collecting huge image data and guarantee the desired reliability by utilizing virtual 3D modeling from aerial photogrammetry.

Top Reasons to Choose
Inbuilt RTK/PPK Chipset (Model X61-RTK/PPK Only)
The additional GNSS-RTK/PPK module based on Steadicam system makes the copter a much more professional mapping partner by mi...

Top Reasons to Choose Inbuilt RTK/PPK Chipset (Model X61-RTK/PPK Only) The additional GNSS-RTK/PPK module based on Steadicam system makes the copter a much more professional mapping partner by minimizing huge efforts in dealing with ground control points. Do More with Less The rapidly evolving UAV technologies help to accomplish your tough surveying job that it usually takes a great amount of time and labor at comparably high speed for incredible cost-effectiveness. Do What You Could Not The SkyWalker can now reach the places where you could not with conventional equipment, like cliff, landslide, the top of large facilities, etc. to guarantee your surveying staff’s safety. Do Far Better Than Before This highly integrated system may increase inspection, research and monitoring quality with precise geo-referenced shots from ideal perspectives, resulting in impressive deliverables. Effective Supplement for Ground Measurements UAV solutions perfectly bridge a gap where high-altitude photogrammetry and traditional topographic survey do not fit, as flight missions are not too much affected by clouds and weather. Optional Flight Modes The AutoPilot mode gets you worry-free operation for fully automatic take-off and landing while the manual mode helps to have your aircraft under control with desired alternation or in case of emergency. Powerful Unmanned Technology Unmanned aerial photogrammetry in low altitude or close range remarkably facilitates the diverse research and monitoring tasks by avoiding collisions and operator errors. Spot Hover Photography Multi-rotor copter delivers far better photography quality based on its featured spot hover capability that is ideal for panorama shots of grand view, live recording of events and inspection job in places hard to reach. Accurate Data Export Extraordinary flight stability and performance of this mini drone provide you quality photos, almost close to the level of manned aircraft, for generating highly accurate data outputs (DOM, DEM, DSM, points cloud with coordinates) to produce multiple analyses. Sharp Differences from Others Multiple Payload Options The open-typed structure design enables the airframe to be customized with multiple payloads, like standard DSLR camera, integrated 5-lens camera system, infrared thermal imager, hyperspectral camera, lightweight LiDAR scanner, digital wireless video transmitter, environmental monitoring devices, etc. Extremely Long Endurance This distinctive model extends the operation coverage area for your mission by longer flight duration, even up to 60 minutes (under very good conditions), with standard payload. Systematic but Practical Integrity The brand new airframe design, double battery power supply and effective utilization of flight control system all contribute to a systematic product as well as a practical solution. Easy-to-upgrade Principle The hardware configuration upgrade required for extended functions will be realized much more easily than ever all because of the user-friendly open design. User-oriented Compact Packaging All components are packed into a single transportation case to well fit IATA standard in terms of size and dimensions, even suitable for check-in baggage. Double Flight Control Systems Standby The dual flight control systems with 3 sensors each are equipped on board to guarantee safer SkyWalk experience in case that one gets mal-functional or defective and the other standby might back up in no time. High Safety Assurance Hexacopter can still land safely in case one of the six rotary wings or even any two non-adjacent ones fail. Plus the double flight control systems, this copter features largely in safety assurance beyond your expectation.

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