SPIROL Releases New Compression Limiter Design Guide


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SPIROL recently released their new Compression Limiter Design Guide that provides essential design guidelines for the ideal bolted joint in plastic assemblies. Included are the specifications for their standard split seam, molded-in, and solid wall designs, as well as their brand new oval series.

The primary function of a Compression Limiter is to provide and maintain joint integrity of a plastic assembly. They are designed to protect the plastic components of an assembly from the compressive loads generated by the tightening of the bolts, thereby assuring integrity of the bolted connection.

SPIROL offers a variety of standard Compression Limiter series to accommodate different compressive loads, positional tolerances and installation methods. Standard roll formed Compression Limiters include: Series CL200 and CL350 Split Seam designs, CL400 Oval Split Seam, CL460 Oval Molded-In and the Series CL500 Molded-In. Standard machined options include: CL600 aluminum and CL601 headed aluminum Compression Limiters, and the CL800 brass and CL801 headed brass Compression Limiters.

SPIROL Releases New Compression Limiter Design Guide

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