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The second machine cuts (even) better

Michael Schedler

FOGS 40 68 C in toolmaking

Gütersloh / Germany

Schmedthenke Werkzeugbau ordered a second Droop+Rein milling machine with overhead gantry (Droop+Rein FOGS) from Starrag Technology GmbH, which began operation at the same time as the other FOG machine shut down for retrofitting.

In Gütersloh, the success of a secondhand Droop+Rein FOG 2500 has paid off. In 2017, the machine underwent another retrofit, in which the golden oldie (built in 1994) was given new drive technology and a new control system, meaning it can now machine parts from high-alloy castings. According to Jörg and Carsten Schmedthenke, Managing Directors of SWB Schmedthenke Werkzeugbau GmbH in Gütersloh, the machine has smoothed “sensationally“ since the retrofits.

In 2016 – thanks to the enormous success of the old Droop+Rein machine – they ordered a second one: The Droop+Rein FOGS 40 68 C is also a five-axis machine tool designed for smoothing (X axis: 6,800 mm; Y axis: 4,000 mm, Z axis: 1,500 mm, C axis: ± 200 °, B axis: ± 115 °; pallet: 6,000 mm x 3,000 mm, changer for 51 tools, fork head with two motor spindles, 10,000 rpm or 20,000 rpm) with a Heidenhain control system that is tried and tested in toolmaking (iTNC 530 HSCI).

”With the second machine, we‘re smoothing all of the components for the automotive sector“, says Managing Director Jörg Schmedthenke. ”The investment in a second FOGS machine also provides more security in the event that one machine fails.“ Indeed, the new Droop+Rein FOGS took over the work of the first machine when it underwent 22 weeks of planned downtime for retrofitting.

The second machine cuts (even) better