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3D printing parts with Elastomers

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The Stratasys FDM elastomer solution is intended to provide manufacturers with new levels of elasticity, durability with true hands-free soluble support.

Empowering engineers with fast, accurate, and functional elastomers, customers can now produce parts with unique resilience – with an ability to greatly stretch or compress without losing shape. The Stratasys TPU 92A Elastomer is designed to meet the needs of manufacturers requiring high part elongation, superior toughness, and full design freedom. With hands-free soluble support, the solution can significantly reduce both production time and labor costs.

Learn more about how to reduce costs and simplifying the prototype-to-product journey.

Elastomers. Remade. Redefined.
Elastomers. Remade. Redefined.

3D printed parts with elastomers by Stratasys

Elastomer. Made by Stratasys

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