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The LEAD πIF-3015 fiber laser cutting machine is an economy model with competitive low cost but good performance. It is with double-drive gantry type flying optics laser cutting machine with shuttle table changes so fast.


1. Cutting area: 3000mm*1500mm

2. X axis stoke: 3100mm

3. Y axis stoke:1600mm

4. Z axis stoke: 295mm

2. X and Y axis positioning accuracy: ±0.03 mm

3. Repeat positioning accuracy: 0.02 mm

4. Maximum speed of machine: 120m/min

Features and advantages:

1. With robust and rigid design, to guarantee repeatable high precision cutting results

2. Both the working tables move in and out of the machine simultaneously, decreasing dramatically table change cycle time and increasing the productivity of the machine.

3. Completed enclosed cabin with special kind of glass for laser radiation protection and offers safe and ergonomic operation. The large eye-safe windows allow an optimal overview of the entire

4. The light-weight aluminum bridge assures accurate cutting results even under high-dynamic axis movements.

5. Long vertical stroke of the cutting head gives additional freedom in the cutting application: pre-formed sheets, tubes, profiles, etc. easily be put on the cutting table and are in reach of the cutting head.


All metal materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, brass, aluminum and so on.

Widely used in sheet metal processing, shipbuilding, automobile, food machinery, engineering machinery, elevators, household appliances, kitchen utensils, craft gifts, tool processing, decoration, advertising and etc.

After-sales service:

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metal cutting machine

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