SYSTEC CONTROLS presents: New Lifetime Solution for Diesel Emission Measurement

Oliver Betz

NoX Reduction needs perefect Air Mass Flowmeter

Over the last decade the automotive industry has increased the efficiency of diesel engines by donwsizing of the engines. But smaller engines with higher loads lead to higher temperatures and an increase of NoX. But perefect emission optimized diesel Motors reduce CO2 by their high Efficiency and fulfill envirnomental regulations for NHC and NoX. The basis for such a motor is a perefect air mass flow meter.

New flow meter Truckflow TFI4B works on the prinziple of differential pressure and offers a Commercial engine lifetime (1.000.000 miles) perfect accuracy. IN contradiction to thermal mass flow meters, no relveant drift or corrosion will nave negative influence on the measurement. Since TFI4B is extreamly fast, the sensor can cope with massive pulsation of flow and pressure. TFI4B measures dp, p and T and caclulates and filters a perefect massflow signal.

TFI4B is ready for commercial engine series.

TFI4B Air Massflow Meter
TFI4B Air Massflow Meter

Air Mass Flow Meter for Commercial Diesel Engines

TFI4B sensor on charged air pipe

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