Technifor 3D stylus: See it in action! nothing short of a revolution in dot peen marking


The market leader in permanent marking, Technifor, has unveiled its latest innovation: a very high amplitude 3D stylus capable of following the relief of every part to be marked.

Delivering significantly reduced integration costs, versatility and superior marking results, the prowess of the 3D stylus will soon win over all sectors of industry by eliminating many of their mechanical and software-related constraints:

- Perform a succession of markings irrespective of the shape of each workpiece: sloping planes, out-of-flat surfaces, deformed surfaces, the stylus tip extends and retracts automatically as it follows the relief with the utmost precision.

- Cover differences in height: With an amplitude of 16 mm, the 3D stylus makes it possible to perform "stepped" markings, on different levels of the same workpiece - and in a single cycle no less. With no need for an actuator, without moving the marking head, it enables engraving in recesses, hollows and difficult-to-reach places!

- Mark cylindrical workpieces: Marking multiple lines following the curve of the workpiece, it is now possible to eliminate the additional cost of installing a part rotation system.

Technifor closely monitors the changing needs of its customers and focuses its efforts on bringing them innovative solutions. To facilitate marking by adjusting to each workpiece, to each production line, to the needs of every business... these were the challenges central to this development.

Compatible with the entire Technifor range of pneumatic machines, this 3D stylus offers a new dimension to integrators and end-customers:

- On automated lines handling a succession of parts of varying heights: no more need for complex programming or a costly Z axis on the marking head. The machine absorbs height differences instantly!

- For manual or semi-automatic production operations, the task of adjustment is simplified: a single marking file for a multitude of parts.

- Superior marking results: the quality of Data MatrixTM codes is very close to the results obtained with electromagnetic technology, with a homogeneity and perfect alignment of points which simplifies code reading enormously.

Broadening access to automatic marking even further, with this innovation Technifor has developed a cutting-edge tool that is an efficient response to the ever-increasing demands of traceability.

Technifor 3D stylus: See it in action! nothing short of a revolution in dot peen marking

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