Smart Actuator Webinar Series for Design Engineers

Thomson Industries, Inc.
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Looking for integrated, affordable position feedback with easy network connectivity?

Thomson Industries, Inc., manufacturer of mechanical motion control solutions, is hosting a series of technical webinars that will keep design engineers informed about new advancements in smart electromechanical linear actuators and Industry 4.0-related trends. The first webinar in a series of seven details the latest trends in electric linear actuators.

As the industrial world becomes increasingly connected, the designer’s need for intelligent components that can communicate with each other and operate without the need for manual interaction is growing.

The webinars will be presented in by Thomson Product Line Specialists for Industrial Linear Actuators. They will discuss the latest actuator trends such as synchronization and help attendees identify which smart actuator features may be applicable for their next design projects.

Other topics that will be covered in the Smart Actuator Webinar Series include:

• Why converting from hydraulic to electric actuators will be the best decision you make this year

• The best applications for smart electromechanical actuators

• What's the easiest way to size and select your electric linear actuators?

• How linear actuators controlled via communication buses can change the way you design machines

• Building a smarter factory with smart actuators

• How to achieve smart, powerful actuation in constrained spaces

“The concept of smart actuation continues to blossom and gain favor in a number of markets and applications,” said Hakan Persson, Global Product Line Director – Actuators, at Thomson. “We’re looking forward to sharing what we’ve learned in our research and helping engineers raise the IQ of their machine designs.”

To register for free and view the full Smart Actuator Webinar Series schedule, please visit the Thomson website for upcoming webinars.

2018 Smart Actuator Webinar Series now open for registration
2018 Smart Actuator Webinar Series now open for registration

Are you ready to design machines with a smaller footprint, simpler installation, better control and static load handling, higher accuracy, and less maintenance, mess, noise, and overall system cost? In the latest installment of our Smart Actuator Webinar Series, these benefits will be explored as well as applications best suited for hydraulic-to-electromechanical conversion. Register for free and join us!

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