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Trace Software International Releases elec calc 2017

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Trace Software International introduces its new electrical design software to the public.

BARCELONA, Spain (February 7th, 2017) – [TRACE SOFTWARE INTERNATIONAL] Trace Software International is proud to announce the release of its new electrical installation calculation software: elec calc 2017.

Thanks to their unique expertise, their strong experience and spirit of innovation, our engineers have developed the most performant and efficient electrical design and sizing software on the market.

From the components and calculation data to the interface capabilities, dozens of new features have been added to the original version, elec calc Classic, to improve the user experience and calculation precision such as:

- Distribution busbar trunking system that takes into account the impedance of the bars in the calculations;

- Generic receiver allowing the preliminary design of your installation;

- Cascading function to increase the breaking capacity of a circuit-breaker by combination with one of the upstream protections;

- Current-limiting and energy-limiting protections to improve the check of the behaviour and the resistance to thermal stress of the components located downstream;

- Supplementary protective equipotential bonding that takes into account the presence of this type of bonding for the calculation of touch voltage;

- Entering protection curves function to enter the various curves (time/current and/or limitation) of the protection devices;

- Improved interface capabilities;

- Importing files function to import files easily from the elec calc Classic version…

“elec calc is undoubtedly the software that offers the biggest flexibility and accuracy in order to design, draw and size very quickly and optimally high and low voltage electrical installations in compliance with national or international standards,” Philippe Aupetit, technical director at Trace Software International, said.

Designing and sizing high and low voltage installations of high quality has never been that easy and fast.

With elec calc 2017, your work is facilitated and your productivity, boosted.

The future of calculation is now.

About Trace Software International

With 30 years of experience, Trace Software International is a company specialized in the development of software solutions and services dedicated to the industrial engineering, with a unique expertise in the design of electrical installations. Trace Software International has subsidiaries in France, Spain, Morocco, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, China, Brazil and Colombia, with a worldwide presence via distributors and authorized partners.

Trace Software International Releases elec calc 2017

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