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Large UV Channel Systems installed in fish farm facility

Ultraaqua UV Disinfection Systems

2 x MR100-350SS Channel Systems

Two MR100-350SS Channel units were installed in a fish farm facility in Denmark for keeping the recirculated water free of diseases. The units have a disinfection volume of 2600 m3/h per unit in a very compact area, where the footprint of the 35kW unit is under 1 m2. Each unit holds 100 pcs of 350W lamps, with a guaranteed lamp lifetime of 16000 hours, which can save up to 22% in operational cost. Ultraaqua has developed the most powerful yet most efficient UV-systems in the market, where the long lifetime and efficiency is a result of 20 years research and development work. The guaranteed 16000 hours lifetime is achieved by an advanced optimization between the lamps and its ballast.

The Channel Systems are developed for fully automatic use. An advanced PLC control is constantly monitoring and adjusting the electrical parameters of each individual lamp to ensure their optimal performance to meet dose requirements in the most energy efficient way.

The owner is very satisfied with his newly installed ULTRAAQUA channel units, since the facility experienced a log 4 reduction in bacteria count after installing the units. As a result, this has created a much more stable environment for the fish, which has increased feed rates and overall growth in the population.

MR100-350SS Channel System
MR100-350SS Channel System

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