UWT family grows with new NivoRadar® - Radar level transmitter

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UWT family grows with new NivoRadar® - Radar level transmitter

The robust stainless steel construction makes the NR 3000 extremely suitable for all kinds of industrial applications. The unit operates at a high frequency of 78 GHz. This delivers a very small beam angle which eliminates any signal interference at the flange but allows for optimum reflection of the bulk solids material. The aiming flanges can be adjusted to ensure a perfect positioning of the NR 3000. In other words, the angle of the beam can be set to a specific point; for example, at the outlet of the silo. The lens antenna is highly resistant to material deposits and offers a self-clean function for extremely sticky solids using an air flush connection. The plug in display allows programming and diagnostics on-site, making the installation and operation of the unit as easy as child’s play.

Aiming flange & Integrated lens cleaner

The NivoRadar® offers a flat flange version and also an aiming flange version. Using the adjustable aiming flange, the radar is perfectly aligned since the probe can be fixed to the desired point; for example, at the silo discharge. Due to the default purging air for cleaning the lens antenna, a use in bulk materials that tend to adhesion is possible.

Even within applications where condensation occurs, the flushing connection provides a functionally reliable measurement. The device uses a two-wire technology and is made simple to operate via a local programmer with display and a Quick Start Wizard. The unshielded radar sensor has a completely dustproof design and provides reliable measurement results in high process temperatures up to 200°C.

Efficient Silo Management

The radar sensor can also be easily connected to the silo management system, Nivotec®, for reliable content measurement.

UWT Textbox:

Experts in Level Measurement

Based in the Allgäu for the past 35 years, UWT is the leading manufacturer of level measurement technology on the world market. The company is principally focused on the field of bulk solids. Its head office, development and production facilities are located in the Allgäu. With an additional production facility in Malta and its own sales subsidiaries in the United States, United Kingdom, Russia and in the growth regions of China and India, the company can meet the needs of the world market with the greatest flexibility that customers expect. The company is certified ISO 9001:2015 and constantly expands its portfolio of product certifications (ATEX, FM, CSA), particularly with regard to the international markets. The products feature easy handling, high reliability and long service life under the motto of the company "Brilliantly simple level measurement in bulk solids."

UWT family grows with new NivoRadar® - Radar level transmitter

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