Varpe at Interpack 2017

Betsabe Fernandez

New software, new equipments and ... new Varpe

Varpe, a leading global manufacturer of high-tech global solutions for quality control systems, will be present at Interpack 2017 in Düsseldorf from 4 to 10 May.

On this edition, Varpe's participation in the fair has an outstanding feature; the company is celebrating its 35th anniversary and will not only be present with important innovations and launches in its products, but also will announce new developments in its corporate and human facet. On this occasion, Varpe has subjected its own brand to a demanding quality control.

Product launches and news:

The new VARPE software has been specially developed to improve usability and user experience, adapting to the digital language of the 21st century. Among its main innovations we highlight:

- Greater visibility at greater distance. The main measuring parameters can be viewed at a reasonable distance, allowing the operator greater mobility and autonomy.

- More visual design. The screens are no longer overloaded with information to make way for a new, clearer and more visual interface. The rest for the view benefits the user significantly.

- Ease of understanding. In line with the previous point, the bet by the introduction of graphs facilitates the understanding of the data, that with a simple glance can be captured and processed.

- Connectivity. It allows the possibility of remote access through a web page, which is also responsive and offers an optimal visualization from any type of screen.

The new version of X-ray systems have been created to offer a solution to the reach of any type of manufacturer. Its manageable size and its more than competitive price means that the new equipment can enter new sectors and manufacturers that, due to the characteristics of their products, require a basic and simplified version. A new opportunity to continue improving product inspection techniques that guarantee, without a doubt, the safety and health of the final consumer.

The new range of weight control also incorporates important innovations always oriented to improve both the ergonomics of the user and the hygienic conditions of the equipment. On the one hand, the screen is separated from the main body giving greater autonomy and mobility to the user, allowing him to adjust the height, inclination and distance of the same. On the other hand, flat surfaces have been removed both in feet and in the casing cover, thus ensuring greater hygienic conditions. Inclined surfaces allow the slip of any unwanted residue, as well as greater ease of cleaning.

For more information, you can contact us at:


Pasaje Arrahona 14-16 Nave 3 - Pol. Ind. Santiga, 08210 Barberà del Vallès - BARCELONA (Spain). T. (+34) 937 479 570 F. (+34) 937 479 558


Ave. Angelo Pascote nº 15, District IND. N. S. de Fatima, 13478-800 Americana - SAO PAULO (Brazil). T./F .: (+55) 19 3478 6774

Or visit us at:


Düsseldorf, Germany

From 4 to 10 May 2017

Hall 15 Stand E17

Hall 8a Stand A76


Sao Paulo, Brazil

R 101 Street

From the 27th to the 30th of June 2017

Interpack 2017

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