VPFlowScope coming soon


Revolutionary VPFlowScope M

Full compressed air measurement, zero recalibration

Dutch based VPInstruments, the company that offers measurement instruments and energy management solutions for compressed air and technical gases, has announced that the official launch of the new, trendsetting VPFlowScope M® will be in the first half of 2016.

More than ten years of product development have now resulted in the release of this instrument, with its revolutionary modular design. A core team of industrial designers and software engineers, with the aid of flow meter specialists, leading air auditors and compressed air specialists, all contributed during the various stages of development.

The VPFlowScope M® solves three fundamental issues:

1) Recalibration costs will be brought down

Regardless of technology used, flow meters need regular recalibrations. These take time, and cause downtime of your energy monitoring system. But with the VPFlowScope M, the VP SensorCartridge® is easily swapped for a new one.

2) Connectivity will be flexible

Modern Energy management systems need to be web based and traditional at the same time. In the VPFlowScope M®, USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and traditional 4..20 mA technology are all available.

3) Data logging will be easy

The VPFlowScope M® is a 24x7 recorder, with the capacity to store all measured data for more than six months with a one second time interval, and with the option to set the data logger to “cyclic logging”.

VPInstruments quickly repays itself

VPInstruments provides real-time insight into the usage of compressed air and technical gases. The equipment shows where, when and how much the usage is. And that is almost always significantly more than necessary. The innovative and user-friendly meters and monitoring equipment guarantee substantial savings. The web-based software of the VPVision monitoring system is the cornerstone of any energy management system with ISO 50001 certification. Investments in products by VPInstruments very quickly pay for themselves.

VPFlowScope coming soon

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