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Leak-free connections are mandatory in any high pressure system.

For many years, innovative solutions from the connector specialists WEH have been used in test environments as well as in operational applications wherever vacuum or high pressure conditions require positive, leak-free and absolutely reliable connectors.

Unique sealing solutions and/or lever-action systems facilitate the work of personnel, for instance, in the testing of gas pressure cylinders.

Many of the patented designs have been selected by the automotive industry and by other industries where pressurized systems must be checked and certified regularly.

The WEH® Line of products caters to any demand from the application at hydraulic systems to pneumatics and industrial gases of any kind. Safety for users and equipment and environmental considerations are key factors for the designing engineers in Illertissen. This has been acknowledged by the increased acceptance of WEH® Products by clients worldwide. Competent service partners in virtually all industrial countries, provide safe, dependable and easy-to-use connectors and special fittings for production and service.

WEH® Connectors are used for the filling and replenishing of refrigerants as well as for filling industrial gases, aside from the previously mentioned applications for test and qualification purposes of machines and equipment, e.g. leak tests on engine blocks, hydraulic systems, vacuum and pressure devices and installations.

WEH® Connectors are a contribution for safer working environments in many respects. Mechanics are not subjected to stress and strain by the high torque forces which are required by conventional screw connection fittings. Shop operators and company managers, on the other hand, welcome the substantial savings in working time both in production and test facilities as well as in customer services.

World-wide, WEH® Connectors have proved to be an efficient means to permit the design of test and quality control istallations which are dependable and virtually fool-proof in operation, leak-proof for pressure and vacuum conditions and easy to service for routine inspection. The WEH® Programme is continuously expanded and improved to cater for any possible condition. This includes connectors and quick connection modules for manual use as well as for use with automated multi-media and multi-system connecting blocks, for instance at engine test stands.

WEH® Connectors for fi lling, testing and plugging
WEH® Connectors for fi lling, testing and plugging

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