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Better performance, higher speed: Industrial Managed 8-Port PoE+ Ethernet Switch

Welotec GmbH

Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) describes a standardized method for supplying power to devices over the network cable. Network end devices can be supplied with only one cable for both, power and data. The Industrial Managed 8-Port PoE+ Ethernet Switch supports the especially fast and powerful standard IEEE 802.3at.

The NT24k-8TX-POE is an 8-port All-Gigabit PoE+ Managed Switch with redundant power connections (22-49 V DC) - so the operation can be maintained even if one power source breaks down. It has a built-in voltage converter and ensured even at low input voltage full PoE+ power. Thus, the solution is ideal for applications such as surveillance cameras, panel displays and wireless access points. The Power-over-Ethernet switch has a rugged metal housing for DIN rail mounting and can be used at temperatures from -40°C up to +80°C. The shock and vibration resistance of 200 or 50 g ensures reliable operation even in harsh industrial environments. The average time of operation is > 2 million hours.

The NT24k-8TX-POE supports the new 802.3at standard, which is gigabit (1000Base-T) suitable. More interesting than the speed in this PoE standard, is the higher power. PoE Plus uses all four wire pairs for the power supply and enables a power output of 25.5 watts per port. At the other end of the line should be about 21.9 watts usable. The maximum current is at PoE Plus at 720 mA and is more than twice as high as at IEEE 802.3af PoE. With IEEE 802.3at all wire pairs for power and data can be used simultaneously (phantom power).

Better performance, higher speed: Industrial Managed 8-Port PoE+ Ethernet Switch

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