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Welotec presents versatile Embedded-PC Arrakis-LTE-Mk2

Welotec GmbH

New Fanless Industrial Embedded Computer with two external SIM card slots for the integration of two 4G LTE chipsets for DIN-Rail Mounting.

The new Industrial PC of the series Arrakis-LTE-Mk2 is a further development of the proven model Arrakis LTE. Compared to its predecessor, the versatile industrial computer convinces with two external SIM card slots that allow an optional installation of two LTE modules. Another new feature is a connection for an external on/off switch: If the embedded PC is built into a machine, the on/off switch can be easily connected on this connection.

"The three expansion slots allow to mediate between three different networks and wireless technologies," said Thomas Schulte, Product Manager at Welotec. "This is particularly interesting for applications that require a redundant connection or communicate between fieldbuses such as CAN, ZigBee or WirelessHART and (W)LAN or WAN. Users can access via UMTS or LTE on the PC and control it, for example via TeamViewer. "Thanks to the connection via mobile broadband machine builders can provide even more services to their customers, if access via the internal customer network is not possible," said Schulte. Thus, the DIN rail PC can be used, among other things for the system control and remote maintenance in automation; but it is also usable as IoT Gateway.

The Embedded-PC of the Arrakis-LTE-Mk2 series is equipped with a powerful Intel® Atom™ E3845 processor with a frequency of 1.91 GHz and can be operated with, among others, Windows versions 7 to 10 or Linux. Four CPU cores ensure optimum speed. The integrated LTE module supports a total of eight LTE bands, this ensures a wide coverage. The industrial computer has four antenna outputs, optional Field bus connections and digital inputs/outputs can be realized. The system is IPCop compatible for use in network security. The fanless industrial PC is designed for space-saving DIN rail mounting in control cabinets. Available accessories are among other antennas, adapters of Micro- and Nano-SIM to Mini-SIM and on/off switches.

Welotec presents versatile Embedded-PC Arrakis-LTE-Mk2

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