SHAHE/GY-3/Fruit Hardness Tester

Wenzhou Sanhe Measuring Instrument Co., Ltd.

portable, analog, for fruits

GY Fruit Hardness Tester Series is applied in measuring the hardness of kinds of fruits, such

as apple, pear, watermelon and banana, to make sure whether they are mature or not, reasonably control the the time of fruit gathering, process, storage, export transportation

and etc. It is suitable for the fruit research institutions, farms, fruit company and college experiments. This instrument is small and light, can be read directly and carried conveniently.

Technical Data

1. Indicaiton scale: 0.5-12kg/c㎡ (100000Pa)

0.5-24kg/c㎡ (100000Pa)

2. Pressure Head Size: Φ11mm


3. Precision: ±0.1mm

4. Insert Depth: 10mm

5. Size: 140x60x30mm

6. Weight: 0.3kg

SHAHE/GY-3/Fruit Hardness Tester

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