SHAHE/LX-F/Sponge Hardness Tester

Wenzhou Sanhe Measuring Instrument Co., Ltd.

for foam, for soft materials

LX-F type sponge durometer is suitable for the determination of soft foam, polyurethane foam rubber products' hardness. And it will be different with other hardness testers in the aspects of using. When using, the preser foot directly contacts with the sample, and we'll see its own weight as force measurement load.

Technical Data

1. Scope of pressure needle routeL: 0-25millimeters

2. Scale value: 0-100degrees

3. The force of pressure needle end: 550mN-4300mN (56-438.5g)

4. Net weight: about 505g

SHAHE/LX-F/Sponge Hardness Tester

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