Optimized for Heavy-Duty Corrosion Protection New WIWA-Pump Series AIRLESS 270

WIWA Wilhlem Wagner GmbH & Co.KG

The AIRLESS 270 introduced in 2015 has been rebranded to WIWA HERKULES 270 GX. Together with the even more powerful WIWA HERKULES 333 GX, this unit rounds out the new series.

“If you want to make easy work of applying heavy-duty corrosion protection, then you need enormously powerful and robust spray systems“, says Christian Bremer, Marketing Manager at WIWA. “For this very reason we have, on the one hand, designed the new AIRLESS 270 with a very high pressure ratio and an outstanding delivery rate. On the other hand, we have improved the pneumatic motor design was so as to produce a new motor with low pulsation, significantly reduced noise levels and which is resistant to icing even when operated for long periods of time.“

In order to reduce downtime during servicing and repair work, WIWA has equipped the material pumps with large, easy-turn threads. A hook wrench attached to the frame allows fast assembly and disassembly. In addition, the user has immediate access to all technical data of the device via QR code. Topping off the AIRLESS 270 package is a newly-designed multifunctional frame which is extremely stable and is equipped with holders for suction systems, tools, hoses, and the operation manual. All material conducting parts of the pump system are made of stainless steel.


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