The next generation of powerful WIWA 1K Airless and AirCombi spray equipment

Designed for easy operation

All control elements are located on the front panel for fast and easy access

Integrated hose rack

Consistent spray pressure provides an excellent spray pattern

Rugged design with few wear parts, designed for easy maintenance

All wetted parts are made of stainless steel

Fields of application


Furniture industry

Painters and spray painting shops

Mechanical engineering and vehicle construction

Spraying material

Oils and greases

Thick-film varnishes


Spray fillers

Sprayable lacquers and paints

Plural component material

Structural lacquer

Hammer scale lacquer

Water diluted media

Water varnishes

We will be glad to advise you about the right system from our wide range for your material and your application.

Technical Data

Max. free-flow output: 4,2 l/m

Pressure ratio: 33:1

Output per cycle: 27 cm3

Max. operating pressure: 264 bar

Piston diameter of the air motor: 85 mm

Piston stroke of the air motor: 75 mm

Version: RS


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