New product of flue gas analyzer Gasboard 3000 Plus

Wuhan Cubic Optoelectronic Co., Ltd,

Achieve lower range and higher precision of multi component flue gas analyzer

This model is rack type can continuous monitor flue gas for longtime ; It mainly based on micro-flow infrared sensor to measure the CO,CO2,SO2,NO, especially SO2 and NO are measured by low range with 0-200ppm ;It have an analogue output (4-20mA) and digital output (RS232) ; Built-in zero pump ; The resolution is 1ppm ; Accuracy less than 2%FS ; The weight is about 12kg , it have international standard 19 inch enclosure. It usually intergrate into CEMS.


Boiler, furnace exhaust emission gas and combustion efficiency monitoring, cement production line process and security monitoring, Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS).

Features :

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