New Release Laser Particle Sensor PM2105


High accuracy,Output particle concentration (PM1.0/PM2.5/PM10) in μg/m3

Brief introduction

PM2105 is a laser particle sensor module for indoor use based on laser scattering technology. The sensor can measure particle mass concentration exactly and output μg/m3 directly via mathematical algorithm and scientific calibration.

Principle of particle measurement

Draw air into closed interior space and then take air sample in certain proportion. When sampling particles pass through light beam (laser), there will be light scattering phenomenon.


Scattered light will be converted into electrical signal (pulse) via photoelectric transformer. The bigger particles will obtain stronger pulse signal (peak value). Through peak value and pulse value quantity concentration of particles in each size can be calculate. Thus, real-time measured data is obtained through measuring quantity and strength of scattered light.


1.With PC/ABS shell, high impact resistance, high temperature resistance up to 85 ℃, flame retardant V-0 level.

2.High anti- interference and electromagnetic compatibility with passing IEC industrial environmental testing standards.

3.Noise is low with built-in fan.

4.With PM2105 design process supporting automatic production line.


◆ High accuracy

◆ Strong anti-interference

◆ Output particle concentration (PM1.0/PM2.5/PM10)

◆ ROHS-compliant


It can be widely used in air purifier, air quality monitor, air conditioner with purifying function, ventilation system, environmental monitoring, handheld air quality detector, etc.


1.Measured particle range: 0.3μm~10μm

2.PM2.5 measurement range: 0~1000μg/m³ (default), 1000~2000μg/m³(customized)

3.PM2.5 measurement error: ≤10%

4.Time to first reading: ≤8s

5.Response time: 1s

6.Working condition: -10 ℃ ~50 ℃,0-95%RH (non-condensing)

7.Storage condition: -30 ℃ ~60 ℃,0~95%RH(non-condensing)

8.Power supply: 5.0 ±0.1VDC; ripple wave <50mV

9.Working current: ≤120mA; Standby current:≤30mA

10.Signal outputs: UART (3.3V, default)

                IIC (3.3V, default)

                  PWM (customized)

11. Dimensions: 42mm*35mm*23.7mm (L* W*H)

New Release Laser Particle Sensor PM2105

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