Ceramic Heater

Xiamen Innovacera Advanced Materials Co., Ltd

MCH alumina ceramic heater

Innovacera Alumina Ceramic Heaters is one kind of Metal Ceramics Heater (MCH), also called High-temperature co-fired ceramics(HTCC) heater.

Alumina Ceramic Heater
Alumina Ceramic Heater

High-temperature co-fired ceramics (HTCC) Heater Application: ■ Glow Plug ■ Igniter for Cabin Heater ■ Heater Element for Oxygen Sensor ■ Igniter ■ Heater for Vaporizer ■ Heater for Soldering Iron ■ Heater for Hair Iron ■ Heater for ■ Seal Heater ■ Heater for Toilet Water ■ Bath Water Heater ■ Steam Boiler Heater ■ Chemical analysis and laboratory

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