Horizontal column band saw WY360HAS for metal

Zhejiang Weiye Sawing Machine Co.,Ltd

Fully automatic metal band saw

WY360HAS type designed and finished by WEIYE SAWS, suits straight cutting metallic materials with high performance, capacity 360mm of outer diameter and features as follows:



Blade Speed(m/min) 20~70

Blade Size(mm) 34*1.1 mm

Main drive 4KW


Optimized machine structure: large dual columns,finely ground with hardened surface.

Main drive adopts worm gear box and belt pulley

Carbide guide kit for the saw guides to lengthen the service life of blade

Hydraulic indexing 600mm each time, repeatable feed in for long materials.Optional roller conveyor support the material handling.

Adopts linear scale for the measurement, high precision.

Hydraulic workpiece clamping. bundle clamps included.

Hydraulic feed rate and back pressure control through valves, variable blade speed provides by the belt pulley. Optional inverter for variable cutting speed 20-80 Mpm.

Material feed rate display from the touch screen.

Adopts PLC, HMI, console to ensure fully automatic cutting process, with easy and friendly interface.

Two choices for automatic mode, single cycle and continuous cycle, easy access.

hydraulic band tighten

powered wire brush and chip auger for chip removal, with high efficiency

Safety protection device:

Safety cover check device enables cover of saw wheels opened shut off

Band check device enables breakage found shut off

Electric cabinet door check device enables door of electric cabinet opened shut off

Main parts adopts famous brand from China

WY360HAS with table option
WY360HAS with table option

option:idle roller table with vertical roller set, support the material handling

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