Structural Steel Band Saw WEIYE GZS4280 type

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Zhejiang Weiye Sawing Machine Company is pleased to present you her horizontal structural steel band saw GZS4280 type, which suits cutting structural steel, angle steel, girder, beam, straight cutting capacity up to 800mm. more information as follows:

Capacity(mm) :90° OD 800 800*1150; +/-45° OD.800 800*800;

Blade Speed(m/min) 20~70

Blade Size(mm) 54*1.6 mm


Gear box

Variable frequency driver.

Carbide inserts and bearings for blade guides, lifespan of blade extended

Hydraulic band tension device

Hydraulic work piece clamping

Hydraulic lowering of saw frame, linear guides supports precise moving, infinitely variable feed rate control

Hydraulic feed system, Optional roller conveyor for the infeed or outfeed

Linear scale for the measurement

Beam light for material alignment

Servo swinging control system, enables automatic positioning, automatic cutting to size

Adopts PLC, HMI touch screen for the operation, ensures programmable cutting process,

Powered cleaning brush for chip removal. Optional chip auger or scraper conveyor

High safety design :

Safety cover check device enables cover of saw wheels opened shut off

Band check device enables breakage found shut off

Optional accessory

Chip auger or scraper conveyor

Idle or powered conveyor

Saw frame servo feed control system

Band deviation detector

Out of square detector

Servo feed system

PC control system

Structural Steel Band Saw WEIYE GZS4280 type

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