Vertical automatic band saw (VLA) WY5360-120 type for aluminum

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Automatic high speed cutting solution

Vertical automatic band saw (VLA) WY5360-120 type for aluminum cutting is available from WEIYE, with capacity height up to 600mm,throat depth 450mm, travel 1200mm. Please find below more information :


Type  WY5360-120

Series: VLA

Capacity mm ■600 × 1200 × 450

inch ■23 × 46 × 17

Blade Speed mpm 300~1000

fpm 984~3280

Blade Size mm 41×1.3

inch 1-1/2 x 0.05

Blade Motor KW 5.5

HP 7


This band saw special for aluminum material cutting

Adopts fixed saw frame and Movable worktable

Variable frequency motor and helical gear reducer for the main drive, provides powerful torque output, and large conversion range as a result

Inverter for speed variant

Hydraulic feed rate control

Linear guides support the automatic work table movement, driven by the hydraulic

Horzontal movement of work table suits adjustment of cutting width.

Wire brush and scraper chip conveyor for the chip removal

Enclosed type design helps the maximum noises reduction

Cooling unit for the saw guides guarantee the stability of high speed cutting process

Hydraulic band tension unit with band check device

PLC unit, touch screen provides friendly interface for machine operating,

Applied Ergonomics for the electric cabinet, protective cover adopted

High sawing precision, tolerance up to +/- 0.1mm per 100mm

Optional accessories

Servo feed work table

Material lifter

Mist spray unit

Vertical automatic band saw (VLA) WY5360-120 type for aluminum

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