Fluid Capacitive Inclination Sensor with 360° measurement range and a higher accuracy

2E mechatronic GmbH & Co. KG
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Inclination sensors determine the angle of an object in relation to the gravitational field of the Earth. The application possibilities for these sensors are varied: for example the inclination angle of the boom of a crane or a digger could be recorded in order to prevent from tipping over. Machines are being levelled using an inclination sensor and in game consoles the inclination angle of the controller joystick is influenced by the control system

of the computer game.

The operating principle, of the newly developed fluid inclination sensors from 2E, is based on the inclination dependent changes of a difference capacity. Using the two halves of the housing and a spacer disc a cylindrical cavity can be formed that is half-filled with a dielectric fluid. Two semi-circular electrodes are housed on the front side and on the other side there is a circular electrode. By inclining the measuring cell horizontally the dielectric fluid can maintain its position as a result of the gravitation. The capacitor changes depending on the angle of inclination between the electrode pairs which can be electronically recorded and evaluated.

In comparison to other sensors on the market, the new sensor offers a measurement range over a complete 360°. It offers a higher accuracy of < 0.1° over the entire measurement range and as the determined angle is independent of the local gravitational acceleration it means it can be used anywhere in the world. The internal temperature compensation allows for its operation in an extended temperature range from –40°C bis +85°C. The robust aluminum housing complies with protection standard IP67 and is therefore suitable for applications in rough environments. The excellent cost-performance ratio provides the user with a wide field of applications for the sensor. The inclination angle can be read directly via the selected interface (RS485, CAN). These interfaces can be addressed by using a bus line so that the use of multiple sensors is possible. In addition, an analogue interface (4-20mA) is also available. The modular design concept allows for individual adaptation of applications, for instance, special connections and mounting variations or the integration of an existing OEM application with PCB version without housing. These offer a control of over I2C or RS232.

Fluid Capacitive Inclination Sensor with 360° measurement range and a higher accuracy

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