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T500 Elite Hotbus - Bucket Elevator & Conveyor Monitoring System

The T500 Elite Hotbus™ is a serial communications system designed to monitor up to 256 sensors for combined belt alignment, belt speed, continuous bearing temperature, pulley alignment, level indication (bin / silo) and plug conditions on bucket elevators and conveyors. With automatic machine shutdown capability and PLC / PC compatibility, this advanced microprocessor based system offers low cost installation, versatility and easy system expansion. Logging and trending software is also available for historic data analysis and preventative or predictive machine maintenance.® is a secure cloud based hazard monitoring solution providing status notifications and data logging for bucket elevators and conveyors. Live system status, graphs and historical data can be viewed on any web-enabled device (smartphone, tablet PC, desktop or laptop computer). Emails can be sent to notify users whenever a change in the system''s health is detected. An automated maintenance feature allows site operators to verify that all sensors on the system are operational and working correctly.

Product Features:

- Designed for Multiple Elevator Legs or Conveyors

- Monitors: Belt Speed, Belt Alignment, Bearing Temperature, Pulley Alignment, Bin/Silo Level Indication & Plug Conditions

- Serial Network System, Accepts Inputs from 256 Sensors

- LCD Displays System Status

- Cloud Based Monitoring


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