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New ABB intelligent monitoring unit makes energy management simpler

Energy management systems are essential for many new commercial and industrial buildings, datacenters, hospitals and solar power installations. To make analyzing and controlling energy consumption simpler, the new ITS2 intelligent monitoring unit integrates sensors for temperature as well as for current, voltage and the main electrical parameters directly into the switchgear''s fuse protection.

ITS2 also contains a software setup tool, Ekip Connect, which allows the switch to share vital information about system reliability and energy consumption directly with ABB''s intelligent Emax 2 low voltage circuit breakers and smart grids.

ITS2 can help to analyze, optimize and control energy consumption, interfacing directly with ABB''s Emax 2 breakers and smart grids. It will help our customers to operate their electrical networks in the safest and most economical way possible.”

ITS2 can alert facility managers if fuses blow or temperature or currents exceed the given limits. ABB also offers the XR ITS2 monitoring module with a fully integrated motor operation unit. Using the Ekip Connect software, this can set the unit to switch off automatically if high loads or short circuits blow one or more fuses. This can prevent a three-phase motor from continuing to run if one of the fuses are blown.

The new ITS2 intelligent monitoring unit is fully integrated in ABB''s SlimLine XR range of switch fuse disconnectors. These slimmer switches allow more outgoing feeders per switchboard, saving cubicle and floor space – and costs. The SlimLine XR range has rated currents of 160-630A and can be used in 2-, 3- and 4-pole networks, with either DIN NH or BS fuses. Plug-in contacts make it fast, easy and safe to install, even under live voltage.


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