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InLine II Fused switch disconnectors: Designed for the future

InLine II fused switch disconnectors have been tested according to IEC 60947-3. They are available as one or three pole versions from 160 to 630 Amperes, in combination with NH/DIN. A robust construction, safe and reliable operation and a new way of replacing NH fuse links bring personal safety to the next level.

There are two variants of the new fused switch disconnectors

• ZHBM for easy installation of current transformers:

• ZLBM for optimal use of space. The apparatus has a reduced depth that saves space in Cable Distribution Cabinets.

Both of these variants have universal terminal bolts: standing both or fixed nut for high flexibility of cable connections. Versions with integrated V-Clamps are also available.

InLine II is designed for the future. And the future is now.


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