ABS PLUS: Göztepe Anka Flats, Anka Çakmak Construction

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Inverted Beam Filling // Residence Management

ABS Plus is preferred as a lightweight filling instead of heavy soil filling for the reverse beams filling in Göztepe Anka Apartment.

In cases where the beams are not desired to be formed on the ceiling due to technical or architectural reasons, the beams are made on the upper slab as an ‘inverted beam’. In order to use this type of slab/flooring (for example, car parks) it is necessary to lightly fill in between the beams and cover the area with concrete. The application with ABS Disposable Formworks is the lightest type of filling.

Goztepe Cakmak Flat, Anka Cakmak Construction
Goztepe Cakmak Flat, Anka Cakmak Construction

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