1500Vdc Input, 2500W DC-DC Converter for Power Transmission Systems

Absopulse Electronics Ltd.
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Rugged, Industrial Quality

ABSOPULSE Electronics has recently released the HVT-2K5-1300/24-4U5, a heavy-duty, high input voltage, industrial quality dc-dc converter. It is designed for driving low voltage equipment and is typically designed into power systems that transmit high voltage and high power over long distances.

The HVT-2K5-1300/24-4U5 unit converts high voltage direct current in a 1000Vdc to 1500Vdc range to 24Vdc at 100A. The output can be customized for other voltages including 48Vdc and 110Vdc. Safety isolation on the input to output is 5000Vdc and input to chassis isolation is 3450Vdc. Conversion efficiency is typically 85% at 1300Vdc nominal input, at full load.

The converter is built with rugged internal modules connected parallel via internal redundancy diodes. This modular construction provides inherent redundancy. The built-in redundancy diodes also allow for several units to be connected parallel for output power at 5kW, 7.5kW and higher. The low voltage output can also be connected in series to generate higher voltage, or multiple outputs.

The HVT-2K5-1300/24-4U5 is cooled by high quality built-in fans that ensure operation over a 0°C to +50°C temperature range for full specification with no requirement for derating. Wider temperature ranges are available on request.

For price and availability, please contact ABSOPULSE.

1500Vdc Input, 2500W DC-DC Converter for Power Transmission Systems

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