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ACIMEX shows its custom-made lifting solutions at TOC exhibition

The TOC exhibition just closed its doors in Amsterdam. Acimex was presenting there its know-how on stand A84.

As a first time as exhibitor, it has been a very good experience to demonstrate Acimex lifting solutions for harbour specific manipulations :

Prospects came from all over the world , such as Iran, India, Spain and Malaysia not to forget Brazil and Marocco. All of them were very curious and interested in Acimex capability to adapt to different handling issues

they are of different kind, mainly it moves heavy loads or accessorize a crane or a jumbo and change it into a mobile lifting machine.

If you think about a harbour site activity, you obviously think heavy and bulky, working conditions may be tough but you must insure your employees safety.

Acimex has acquired 45 years of experience, it designs and keeps looking for new way of handling to make it easy for the end user or the maintenance service.

In the end, the delivered machine must perfectly meet the customer requirement.


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  • Claire MONNET