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EVolution EMC cable glands

For fast and process safe installation on vehicles.

With the EVolution EMC cable gland, AGRO AG is expanding its range of well-proven, high-quality cable glands for electromobility applications. EVolution EMC can be conveniently pre-assembled at a workbench, enabling much of the installation work to be carried out in an ergonomically optimal setting and thus reducing the time spent working on the vehicle itself. The way the cable’s shield (mesh) is tidily clamped between the cable gland’s supporting ring and contact sleeve enables the cable gland to be repeatedly disassembled and reassembled (e.g. to replace the sealing insert) without damaging or impairing the cable shield. Let the advantages of the EVolution EMC cable gland convince you of its value.

Advantages of the EVolution EMC cable gland:

Design ensures high reliability in terms of process safe installation and maintenance

High current load capacity



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