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NEW: peristaltic pump by Albin Pump AB

Albin Pump AB
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- Volumetric flow at 99.5 %, from 0,5 l/h to 150 m³/h

- No mechanical seal or stuffing box

- Robust, entirely of ductile iron

- Suitable for aggressive or viscous fluids

- Dosing of very corrosive chemicals

- Fully self-priming up to 9.8 m

- Damage-free continuous dry running

- Outlet pressures up to 15 bar

- Very easy maintenance

- Stainless steel screws

- Heavy-duty bearings, greased for life

- Two-year warranty

- Plug and Play

- Perfect volumetric flow

- Reversible flow

- Close coupled with gearbox protection

- Low sound level: :< 70 dB at 1 meter

Typical applications :

WATER TREATMENT : lime cream, ferrous chloride, activated carbon, reagent feed, coagulant, flocculate dispersion, alum, sludge & foams

MINERAL PROCESSING : sludge with viscosity up to 60 000 Cps, clay up to 800 g/l, particle size 30mm, lead sulfate, pyrite, SABX, cyanide, various acids

CERAMIC : ceramic glaze, mould filling, filter press feeding

BUILDING : fibrous mortar, plaster, light concrete, cement flooring

CHEMICAL INDUSTRY : various acids, PVDF latex, alcohol, soap, non aromatic solvents

FOOD INDUSTRY : tomato sauce, mash potatoes, gelatin, beer yeast, fish paste, olive oil, wine.

PAINT AND PIGMENTS INDUSTRY : water based paint, acrylics, pigments, ink, wall coating

PAPER MILLS : latex, kaolin, paper waste sludge, various chemical dosing

AGRICULTURE AND BIOGAZ : manure, fertilizer sugar mills, treacle, liquid, sugar and various chemicals

NEW: peristaltic pump by Albin Pump AB

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