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Albin Pump ALHP, pulsation dampener for peristaltic hose pump.

Albin Pump AB
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The ALHP, pulsation dampener, reduces the pulses created in the discharge line by the hose pump. It is achieved by means of a thick-walled, reinforced rubber hose which is mounted in a carbon steel, cylindrical pressure vessel.

The hose is surrounded by compressed gas (air or nitrogen).

Pulses are created when a pressing shoe leaves the pump hose, while rotating. Instantly the volume in the discharge line will increase with the volume of the pressing shoe. This will result in a pressure drop in the discharge line.

When the discharge pressure drops, the pulsation dampener hose collapses and compensates for the released volume of the pressing shoe in the discharge line. Hereby the pulse will be reduced.

Dependant on the application the damper can reduce the pulse down to 10%. The damper is most effective above 0.5 bar discharge pressure. Best result when the pick of maximum pulsation is +- 3 bar .

The pulsation dampers can be applied up to a operating pressure of 15 bar (10 bar for the air)

Specifications :

Maximum flow rate : 0,2 - 120 m³/h

Maximum discharge pressure : up to 15 bar

Body : Paint steel

Suction / Discharge : Flange ISO Stainless steel DN20 - 125

Hoses* : Polyamide reinforced


Albin Pump ALHP, pulsation dampener for peristaltic hose pump.

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