Long life time DC motor vacuum air micro pumps

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Long life time vacuum pressure miniature pumps

Alldoo Micropump Co.,Ltd is a leading manufacturer of diaphragm pumps in China, we specialize in the designing and production of various diaphragm micropumps, including micro diaphragm vacuum pumps, gas pumps, water pumps, oil pumps and liquid pumps, and long life time DC brushless motor miniature pumps with variety flow rates, alternative voltage and compact size.

Relying on abundant technical strength of micro pump, we devotes ourselves to develop and design the micro pump series with reliable quality and reasonable price, suitable for the fields of vacuum, air, gas or liquid, water transferring, cooling systems, sampling, medical or chemical analysis, beverage processing vending machines, coffee machines, blood pressure measuring, home appliance, printing ink equipment and many other areas of industry supply.

We also design and produce miniature pumps according to the requirements of customers and accept OEM orders.

Long life time DC motor vacuum air pressure miniature pumps
Long life time DC motor vacuum air pressure miniature pumps

The micro diaphragm gas and liquid Pumps are based on an elastic diaphragm, fixed on its edge,moves up and down its central point by means of an eccentric. In this way the medium is transferred using automatic valves. This kind of pumps is new,very efficient valves and sealing systems,resulting in a high pneumatic performance,a durable,general purpose product and compact size.Widely used in air or liquid transferring,gas sampling, medical and many other areas of industry applications. ALLDOO micropump also stands for superior quality and excellent service. We maintain direct contact to our customers and business partners to exactly understand their requirements and meet them without compromise.Customizing is extremely important to us: All parameters of our diaphragm pumps can be OEM customized exactly to your specific requirements. www.chinamicropump.com

Miniature Diaphragm pump

CMP-17,mini diaphragm compressor,micro vacuum pumps,diaphragm micro pump are well suited for transferring,evacuating and compressing air and neutral or corrosive gases as well as vapors. Technical Features: 1.Uncontaminated flow. 2.Non-metallic construction. 3.Compact size. 4.Maintaince free. 5.High level of gas tightness thanks to the closed diaphragm surface and special sealing system. 6.Can operate in any installed position. www.alldoo.com

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