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NEW: built-in AC drive by Allen Bradley

Allen Bradley
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- Offers these power ratings:

-100...120V: 0.4…1.1 kW / 0.5…1.5 Hp / 2.5…6 A

-200...240V: 0.4…15 kW / 0.5…20 Hp / 2.5…62.1 A

-380...480V: 0.4…22 kW / 0.5…30 Hp / 1.4…43 A

-525...600V: 0.4…22 kW / 0.5…30 Hp / 0.9…32 A

- Offers built-in dual-port EtherNet/IP™ to support a variety of topologies as well as Device Level Ring functionality

- Safe Torque-off as a standard feature that can be applied through either hardwired safety or Integrated Safety. Both are certified to SIL 3 / PLe Cat 3

- Offers Integrated Safety which is controller-based safety with instructions delivered on an EtherNet/IP network. It helps:

- reduce hardware, wiring, and labor costs associated with implementing a SIL 3/PLe safety solution

- allow acces to more diagnostic data on machine safety faults and causes, without requiring contactors or relays

- Offers low-cost solution for machine parts, applications such as pumps, fans, in-feed and out-feed conveyors, that need simple speed control for induction motors

- Provides the ability to transfer drive configuration files to a new machine

- Reduces downtime and minimizes manual reconfiguration by using Logix PACs to detect a replaced drive and download all configuration settings over EtherNet/IP

- Offers a new level of AC drive integration to help deliver a coordinated and synchronized machine

NEW: built-in AC drive by Allen Bradley

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