New General Manager for Allied Motion Dordrecht

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New General Manager

Mr. Martin-Jan Strebe is appointed as the new General Manager of Allied Motion Dordrecht. In this role he replaced Mr. Harry Cloos, who has held this position for sixteen years.

Mr. Strebe has been working in the electro-mechanical and technical industry from the start of his career and fulfilled various executive roles at a commercial, marketing and product management and operational level. With his experience as General Manager in different product engineering companies, Mr. Strebe brings a lot of knowledge to the company when it comes to commerce and product- and lean management in the operational field.

“The combination of technology and people appealed me in this position at Allied Motion Dordrecht. The company wants to distinguish their selves technologically but the talented people that we have in our organization is what makes the company successful”.

Mr. Strebe continues the developments started by Mr. Cloos and expects to achieve a faster creation of innovations to the market in combination with an even higher service level. “The cycle of innovating faster and bringing more new and exciting products to the market is an element I am committed to. In addition to that, there is always room for shorter lead times and better on time delivery, zero defects quality and service”.

Mr. Strebe
Mr. Strebe

Our New General Manager Mr. Strebe