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Hannover Messe

We strive to solve problems for customers worldwide

On April 23rd-27th of 2018, our self-developed 3D vision positioning system was displayed at Hannover Messe and attracted much attention.

Our system plays an important role in flexible production of multi-varieties and small batch products. It specializes in depalletizing (hard or soft packages), machine tool loading (one product can collaborate with multiple robots), conveyor sorting (It helps multiple robots recognize 8-10pcs different packages per second with 99.97% recognition rate in the world's 1st fully automated warehouse), bin picking (randomly piled workpieces even if they are black or white) etc. So far it has been applied in various industries such as automotive, home appliances, machinery, logistics, food, pharmaceuticals etc. and has solved plenty of tough problems for customers.

For application videos, please refer to the Youtube link below.


  • Shanghai, China
  • Alsontech