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Face Mask Production Line

In the early days of the COVID-19 out break in China, our factory respond the governmnent call, and buy 3 production lines for 3-ply face mask, and produce 1 million pcs per day to fight against the virus.

Recently, the situation is getting better in China beacause of the quarantine and adequate protective goods.But the COVID-19 outbreak in many other countries. So we decide to fully operate our face mask making machine and export at a factory direct lowest price to support people in affected area.

STAY AT HOME is the most important! If you have to go out to buy food, please wear face mask and take some 75% medical alcohol with you. Washing your hand more often.

We have survived from the disaster, so do you. When we work together, everything will back to normal soon!

___CEO: Wong Hong Jie


  • Hefei, Anhui, China