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Floor Machine Brushes

Floor Machine Brushes

Product Description:

Floor Machine Brushes is mostly used for cleaning the floor together with washing machine in hotels, park squares, factory workshops and other places. It is also suitable for the cleaning of dirt on the surface of hard floors such as tile floor, stone floor, epoxy floor, emery floor, terrazzo floor, plastic floor, vitrified tile, PVC floor etc.

Different floor and conditions require different floor Scrubbing Brushes. For epoxy floors, soft brushes and wool brushes are good, while for marble floors medium-hardness brushes are better. We use hard brushes on cement floors generally, and if there is a large number of oil on the ground, a wire brush is required.

Improper use of Floor Machine Brushes will not only cause damage to the ground, but also terrible cleaning damage. Therefore, in the process of customer selection, please tell the staff of your company's ground condition and machine model, thus we can make better delivery for you.

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