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Carpet Cleaning Disc Brush

Carpet Cleaning Disc Brush

Product Description:

Carpet Cleaning Disc Brush is now the choice of most users, there are few options .Disc brush can be said to be one of the most important parts of the washing machine, however, there are still many users are not familiar with this, so make up here in more detail, so that we are more familiar with.

Carpet Cleaning Disc Brush is composed of a brush plate and bristles. The brush plate is generally black and made of plastic, which is a general term and can be distinguished professionally. Brush plate material can be divided into PP, PA, POM, PS, ABS, these several materials are the most common, is also the most widely used. In addition, there are made of aluminum alloy, electric wood, but these two materials made of the washing machine disk brush is very rare, are generally custom.

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