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Tufted Plate Brush

Tufted Plate Brush

Product Description:

Tufted Plate Brush is more and more widely used in industrial production, and many large-scale machinery and equipment will use it, such as the feeding table of CNC punching machine.

Main material of Plate brush:

According to application, the base of the brush include nylon, PP, PVC, plastic, bamboo, wood, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and the bristle material can be horse hair, sisal, brown wire, nylon, abrasive wire, copper wire, steel wire, etc.

The main purpose of the tufted plate brush:

Tufted Plate Brush is widely used in daily life, such as plank brushes, scrubbing brushes, countertop brushes, floor brushes, ceiling brushes, etc.

In the industry, due to the large flat area of the brush working surface, CNC punching machines will use nylon brush plates. Pig bristle brush plates, sisal brush plates used in food and pharmaceutical production lines, horse hair brush plates in the electronics industry, and packaging industry.

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