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Application and Classification of Steel Wire Brush Roller

Steel wire brush roller

Generally speaking, steel wire brush is mainly used for aluminum or steel surface treatment, to clean the oxide layer. And then using closed circulation cooling water flushing system to wash off. Meanwhile, stainless steel wire brush is specially used for cleaning ceramic anilox roller. The common specification of wire brush roller is 6*14 or 5*14, and steel wire raw material with 304 stainless steel wire or ordinary steel wire. According to the product classification, there are mainly wood handle wire brush, steel wire brush wheel, steel wire brush roller, steel wire brush, disk steel wire brush, wood steel wire brush, steel wire pipe brush, spring steel wire brush, etc..

And according to brush wire classification, there are straight bristle and crimped bristle. Crimped bristle is bending during the production. Such a bending of the wire will lead to high density and strength. The straight wire is more suitable for drilling and planting type brush roller.


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