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Door Bottom Sweep Seal Brush Strip

Seal Brush

Door Bottom Sweep Seal Brush Strip is commonly installed on door with a aluminium profile. There are four main functions for this kind brush strip

1. Dust-proof. The brush filaments of the door bottom sweep brush have the characteristics of high density and uniform filaments, which can effectively block dust from entering the room, especially in some areas with frequent sandstorms, which can play its role and maintain The interior is tidy, reducing cleaning time.

2. Block the entry of snakes, insects, mice and ants. With the excellent brush filaments have abrasion resistance. In some outdoor and harsh environments, they can play a significant role and can reduce the entry of such organisms into the room.

3. Separate cold and heat, energy saving and environmental protection. Qualified filaments are resistant to high temperature and low temperature, and are not easily deformed at a temperature of -50°C to 40°C. Therefore, many large cold storages or public transportation vehicles will install door bottom brushes in the door gaps for the purpose of summer Prevent the loss of air-conditioning and reduce electricity costs.

4. Reduce noise. Most of this kind of use will be used in some outdoor entertainment venues with large decibels. The brush at the bottom of the door can appropriately reduce the decibel of music to avoid noise interference to nearby residents.

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