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Convoluted Snow Sweeper Road Wafer Brush

Wafer Brush

Convoluted Snow Sweeper Road Wafer Brush are generally installed on various types of cleaning equipment such as snow sweepers and road sweepers. Although snow sweeper brushes and road sweeper brushes are called differently, they are actually the same application.

Convoluted Snow Sweeper Road Wafer Brush has efficient removal configuration that integrates road surface removal, garbage collection and transportation. People usually think that snow sweeper brushes are used to clean snow, but in fact, snow sweeper brushes are also widely used in cleaning highways, municipal and airport pavements, urban residential areas, parks and other trails.

In addition, the use of snow sweeper brushes in winter can not only sweep snow, but also completely remove rubbish on the street, but also can remove dust and purify the atmospheric medium on the path, which not only guarantees the beauty of the path, and maintains the sanitation of the environment. The good condition of the road is maintained, the occurrence of traffic disorder is eliminated and prevented, and the service life of the road is further extended.

Convoluted Snow Sweeper Road Wafer Brush


  • Anqing, Anhui, China

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